Suction Dredging

A Superior Solution to Reclaim Your Waterfront.

Is your waterfront filled with muck, decomposing leaves, or vegetation? Does your once beautiful pond look more like a swamp with excessive aquatic pond weed growth?

What you’re witnessing is eutrophication, a natural process influenced by human activities.

Thankfully, we have the best solution for your waterfront – suction dredging. Through this process, sediment can literally be sucked out of your pond or lake, restoring the body of water back to its most natural state.

Our suction dredging service utilizes small, yet highly effective equipment to remove organic and inorganic muck. Additionally, we remove silt, algae, invasive native and non-native aquatic vegetation, and debris using pumps, hose, and other portable equipment to offer a cleaner, more eco-friendly form of dredging. Thankfully, no traditional “digging” is required!

Additional Benefits

  • Minor short term impact and disruption in the water, which means a greater likelihood of successfully obtaining a permit.
  • Easy management of what we move up land with minimal impact and relative ease.
  • Unlike other dredging companies, our equipment is compact, highly efficient, portable, and relatively non-invasive.

Dredging Estimator

Estimate the cost of restoring your pond using suction dredging. Our free suction dredging cost estimator can give you a better idea how much sediment is in your body of water, and what it will cost to remove it.

Find out why we’re the best.

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