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We Restore Waterfronts Across All Industries.

Pristine Waters is on the leading edge of technology, and we offer the perfect solutions to reclaim or maintain your pond or waterfront. Increase the value and total appeal of your property with a waterfront restoration project. The same way a homeowner pays for landscaping or lawn maintenance, your waterfront deserves similar attention. When properly cared for, this feature of your landscaping can also bring increased value to your property.

Private Pond Owners

Your pond is a part of your landscaping that accentuates your property, supports its own ecosystem, and can be a source of great recreational entertainment.

Private Waterfront Property Owners

You deserve a waterfront that can be both a source of beauty and recreation. Whether the issue is related to boating, swimming, or just aesthetic value, we can turn your waterfront into the dream you had when you purchased your home.

Lake Associations

Lake bottoms get soft and fill in through many ways, which only speed up the eutrophication process and further their demise. We offer the most advanced equipment and methodology to offer a real source of remediation to your lake problems.

Golf Courses

Golf courses are unique, as they typically use their waterways for irrigation and aesthetic purposes as traps for their golfers. Unless maintained properly, these bodies of water are more susceptible to algae growth.

Preservation Entities

We have experience working on sensitive sites with irreplaceable features. We are proud to work on these sites, and always treat them with the same care and attention to detail that we do on all of our projects.


We treat municipal jobs with the same focus and respect that we extend to our private clients. Our team is highly familiar and experienced with the various nuances that municipalities represent.

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