hydraulic dredging services

Hydraulic dredging is the process by which a floating barge pumps

inorganic sediment (sand, rocks) or organic sediment (mud, muck, decaying plants) out of a pond or lake. Hydraulic dredges come in a variety of types and sizes, with the most popular being either horizontal auger dredges or cutter dredges. Pristine Waters uses a horizontal auger dredge, which tend to work well in large ponds and smaller lakes, to restore bodies of water when the volume and costs become too high to employ our diver assisted suction dredging solution.

Remdering of the Pristine Waters Hydraulic Dredge
Pristine Waters LLC’s Horizontal Auger Hydraulic Dredge is well suited to tackle dredging jobs for larger ponds and lakes.


While not as precise, this method of dredging is appropriate for larger scale projects and maintains many of the benefits associated with diver assisted suction dredging.


bulletHydraulic dredging does not necessitate the draining or diverting of water out of your pond, lake, waterfront, or river. This means a lower fish and amphibian mortality rate. We are often asked if the mortality rate is lower with diver-assisted-suction-dredging. The answer to this question is a bit complicated. While with diver dredging  there is a person in the water, the diver cannot really see anything (it is all done by feel). The reason mortality rates are lower is more about the noise and vibrations than it is about the diver being able to identify and avoid fish and amphibians. In this regard, hydraulic dredging is as effective as diver-assisted-suction-dredging.

bulletThe water pumped out of the body of water is returned after sediment is filtered out using our geotextile tubes.

bulletOur horizontal auger dredge is relatively compact and is easily launched in most common applications. While not the smallest hydraulic dredge on the market, we believe we have hit the “sweet spot” of convenience, cost effective operation, and productivity. As with anything else, the right tool for the job is essential. Should you need a larger project executed, we have access to larger hydraulic dredges appropriate for your project. With our diver-assisted-suction-dredging and hydraulic dredging, we essentially have a solution for your needs.

bulletOutfitted with a high capacity pump, and a horizontal auger head, we can dredge down to 15′ deep.

bulletWith our hydraulic dredge weighing less than 10,000 pounds, our equipment is one truck transportable, thus reducing mobilization costs significantly versus most hydraulic dredging operations. This results in greater value for the homeowner, lake association, or municipality.

bulletIn many hydraulic dredging applications, we can directly launch and retrieve the dredge from a pull behind trailer, thereby reducing the need for additional heavy equipment on site. This assists in reducing the impact on your property’s valuable landscaping as well as cost. When access is more limited, we have solutions to launch the dredge.